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Thank you for visiting our online journal. We work hard to provide you with exceptional imagery and content and want you to enjoy yourself here. As a reminder, all images and content is Copyright Protected under Federal Law. Infringement upon this copyright is punishable by law.  ©2004-2012 Mike Steelman Photographers. The Signature Logo and Three Palms logo are registered trademarks of Mike Steelman. It is illegal for you to use.

If we use anything taken from other sites it will be with their permission and the content will hold the copyright of their respective owners, and will be acknowledged as such.

The images on this site are the exclusive property of Mike Steelman Photographers. Images may not be reprinted without the permission of Mike Steelman Photographers.

If an image is of YOU (and by “you” we mean YOU), you have limited permission to use them for your own personal web sites such as Facebook with the following restrictions – please respect us:

1) The MSP LOGO must at all times remain on the photo,
2) you MUST give proper credit to Mike Steelman Photographers,
3) and you must LINK back to this blog.

If you would like to use the images for any other purpose, you must email us BEFORE YOU USE THEM at or call the studio at 1-800-925-1639. Please respect our hard work. Don’t be a cheat or a thief. God’s watching you.

You should also know & take seriously deep to heart that if you use any pictures of Mike Steelman’s children or family for ANY purpose or reason whatsoever, our connections in law enforcement will be called on and we will expend every and all resource beyond your imagination to hunt you down diligently. If you’re still alive, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Absolutely no joke. Don’t risk it.

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