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THIS IS US! (Well, just a glimpse…)

Some people can take pictures. We create art from your beauty™.


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What do you get when you mix a commitment to keeping it real with good ‘ol fashioned values and a love for southern hospitality & country living, an adventurous drive, the spectacular coastline of California, the warm tropical beaches of Hawaii, the refined appreciation for luxury, and the right brained, artistic drive?

Hi there. We are Mike & Gina Steelman. We’re destination lifestyle wedding photographers based on the Monterey Peninsula in CA. We’re surrounded by a gorgeous place, with Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, & more, all in our backyard. In addition to being wedding photographers in one of the most gorgeous places in the world,  we travel everywhere & fully enjoy what we do for a living. From Napa Valley to Boise to Miami to Seattle to Maui, and then some. It’s an incredible honor to photograph your special day & have an all access pass to capture the incredible moments and details that make it up. We love telling your story in our unobtrusive, “keep it real” style. Your images will be natural and beautiful, bold and sometimes edgy. Most importantly, they will reflect you.

Sometimes we’ll guide you through it, other times you’ll be just fine on your own. We like to use natural light as much as possible, & don’t have a problem manipulating it. And of course there are times to use a flash strobe, & you’ll be sure to see us using one when necessary. But the bottom line is this: whatever it takes to tell Your story & capture who You are, that would be our style.

We also accept a limited amount of non-wedding photography commissions each year, including commercial photography, advertising & modeling photography, family portraits, and more. These help us to always keep a fresh perspective.

So, who are we?


I’m an artist. I’m a husband. I’m a father, friend, & lover of life. I have a refined & expensive taste. I’m a country boy at heart. I’m stoked to not be stuck in a box, not fearful of the unknown, yet honestly sometimes concerned. I am a happily married man for more than 10 years to my high school sweetheart & am obsessed with my two little boys (baby JT and rockstar JK). My life rocks. I have a great wife, great kids, great friends, a great God, & I get to work with the raddest clients. I love what I do & I like to share what I know. I like to stay one step out of my comfort zone. I like challenges. I also enjoy shutting down & savoring a pina colada on a warm tropical beach. Or a beer.

I love people.
I dig good music…all types. Yes, I even love country music.
I am full of energy, always.

I believe life is too short to not make new friends. I love when people are real: when people allow their passion to pour out of their pores. I am hungry for authenticity. I embrace technology to it’s fullest, but still think a handshake & your word should be enough. I enjoy sharing life over coffee. Or beer. I know how to appreciate fine wine & dining, yet also can get down and BBQ Texas style. I love country, and the country. I also love city life and the busy-ness of the rat race – just as long as I’m in it & not of it.

I don’t know it all, but sometimes I think I do. It’s then that the Grace of God smacks me on the head & I gain wisdom. I’m eternally grateful for the Love of God through Jesus, & also for the love of my wonderful bride Gina. She has been & continues to be such an incredible backbone of support & encouragement no matter the day. I am truly blessed & more rich than I could ever be.

You can also click here to view more of a “formal” About Me on my website, & a more “personal” glimpse on Facebook here. (WARNING: I’m kind of addicted to Twitter, which updates my Facebook status frequently, so you’ll get to know me pretty quick).


Gina’s still filling hers out!:)

There’s one thing that we’re more passionate about than photography, & that’s real life. We believe life is short, and you should treasure the little things just as much as the big things. She’s a mommy to 2 life changing, adorable charmer boys. We met when we were 14 yrs old. We fell in love at 18 & have been together ever since. We love hawaii, coconuts, coffee, & warm weather. Gina used to be a 1st grade teacher. Dessert is a must have course.
We believe you should stop often to watch the sunset.
We are committed christians.
We like to travel, ride bikes, snowboard, & get sunburnt on the lake.
We love LOVE.
Family is everything.
True friendships are amazing & lifelong.
We care more about what you think & feel about your pictures
rather than all of the awards we could get.
Oh, and we of course, like to have fun…
We’d love to be your photographers!



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