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Peter & Dianne’s Engagement Session | Carmel Valley

I love love.

Seriously though, I love LOVE. No other force has the power to change people, their perspective, their situation, their life. It can, and has, changed this world. It’s the basis of my faith, my home, my life. When I have the privilege to photograph two people in love that desire nothing but the best for each other, something happens in me. It might sound funny, but it truly makes me smile. I get pumped, jazzed, and excited for my clients. I have the honor to freeze just a few moments in time… And I get to have fun doing it.

Dianne and Peter – wow! These two are hot…especially for each other. You can see it in the way that they look at each other. If you take a moment and look at the images I’ve posted below, and seriously take the time to “take in” each image, and at the end of this post you’re NOT smiling, well then, call me. We need to talk. Something is not registering! hahaha.

Dianne and Peter are from South Carolina and are getting married at the beautiful Monterey Peninsula Country Club (MPCC) in Pebble Beach in October. I always like to connect with my clients, even if it’s over the phone and they live thousands of miles away. We did just that. And when they came out a few weeks ago for a real quick visit to finalize all of the details for their special day, it was a real pleasure finally putting a face to the names. Living so far apart presented a challenge for their engagement session, and because we connected so well over the phone, we had decided to forgo theirs. However, their love and energy was so fierce I just had to make it happen. So I called – actually texted – Dianne the night before they were to fly home and chatted about doing a quicky, mini e-session at the place they were staying. (Not a bad idea to keep you as a photographer on your toes – you never know what background or environment you’ll be shooting in. Truly though, no matter what the environment, you should be able to create some killer art!) They were stoked to actually be able to do this, even at such short notice and timing. So, lo and behold, before I went to church on a Sunday morning I swung out to Carmel Valley and had a blast with these two lovebirds. Not only was it a be-a-utiful location (thanks to her lovely Aunt’s house!), it was a beautiful day, and a HOT one at that. (Margaritas??:))

So check ‘em out! And definitely let me know what you feel by leaving a comment below. I’d be honored.





Getting close to “Town & Country” style a little bit here (thanks Dianne for that!) but rockin nonetheless!


Another one of my favorites. Yes Dianne, you ARE getting married!:)


A moment between just the two of them.




Suuuuunnny days….



Check out those eyes! (You guys rock!)


Probably my favorite (one of ‘em, at least) of the day. Peter’s holding her in his arms and she’s in that safe place while they share a romantic moment. Wow…smokin!





Anxiously awaiting that special day…




Didn’t I say something about Margaritas earlier? Well, it was a perfect day for one.


Thank you Peter and Dianne for a stellar time together. I am so looking forward to your wedding day, coming up very soon!

Now to everyone else, I’m curious as to your thoughts. Do you love love? Are you a bigger sap than me? Did an image stick out to you more than the others? Were you moved? What moves you? Talk to me here, I’m dying to hear from ya! You can leave a comment below. They’re always welcome. Have a rockin’ day!

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